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Counselling and Psychotherapy in Marsden near Huddersfield with Neil Jordan

I have been working as a counsellor and psychotherapist in Oldham, Greater Manchester for the past 20 years and more recently in Marsden near Huddersfield and Leeds. I have also worked as a counselling trainer in both Further and Higher Education over the past 18 years. Prior to becoming a psychotherapist I worked as a freelance surveyor in Northern Ireland but eventually moved to the UK mainland to train in counselling, a career that I had felt strongly drawn to having had my own experience in counselling for some time.

I see clients for counselling, psychotherapy, coaching and supervision both outdoors and indoors. In outdoor therapy the focus remains firmly on the issues that the client wants to work on but I am also interested in how the natural world can support our capacity to reflect and integrate new experiences and new ways of being in the world. I have also found that many clients feel safer in the outdoors as the work often feels less intense and more manageable, particularly in the early stages, as we don't sit facing one another as we do when indoors. When doing outdoor therapy we can sit, stand or walk - the focus is not on fitness. For further details of outdoor therapy go to the page on Psychotherapy in the Outdoors. I also run a range of outdoor therapeutic workshops (see workshops page for further details).

Over the past two years my counselling and psychotherapy practice has been principally based in Marsden, near Huddersfield in West Yorkshire.
Marsden is within 20 minutes of the M62 and is within easy commuting distance from Huddersfield, Leeds, Barnsley, Castleford and a variety of other towns in both West Yorkshire, Greater Manchester and Derbyshire. Marsden has excellent bus and train links from both Manchester and Leeds / Huddersfield.

I am a fully qualified UKCP Registered Psychotherapist. I am also trained in Psychodrama and person-centred counselling and am heavily influenced by the Gestalt model of psychotherapy. I am particularly interested in the moment to moment relationship with self and other and how this focus can be a catalyst to personal and interpersonal change.
And as part of this relationship with the other I include our relationship with the natural world to which we all belong. Every breath we take is a constant reminder of this intrinsic connection and dependence we have on nature.
My main focus when working with clients is helping them live more full, vibrant lives.

Home. ButterflyI am experienced in helping people with:
•Anxiety/Panic Attacks
•Terminal illness
•Personal growth
•Work related issues
•Childhood issues
•Life purpose/meaning
•Cultural issues
•Identity issues

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